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Millennium Constructors, accepts the relationship of trust and confidence established between it and the owner. It covenants with the owner to furnish its best skill and judgment and to cooperate with the architect / engineer in furthering the interests of the owner. It agrees to furnish efficient business administration and superintendence and to use its best efforts to complete the project in the best and soundest way and in the most expeditious and economical manner consistent with the interest of the owner.

The Construction Team: The Construction Manager, the Owner, and the Architect / Engineer called the "Construction Team" shall work from the beginning of design through construction completion. The Construction Manager shall provide leadership to the Construction Team on all matters relating to construction.

Millennium will perform the following services under the Construction Manager's role:

Design Phase

Consultation During Project Development: Schedule and attend regular rneetings with the Architect / Engineer during the development of conceptual and preliminary design to advise on site use and improvements, selection of materials, building systems and equipment. Provide recommendations on construction feasibility, availability of materials and labor, time requirements for installation and construction, and factors related to cost including costs of alternative designs or materials, preliminary budgets, and possible economies.

  • Scheduling
  • Project Construction Budget
  • Coordination of Contract Documents
  • Construction Planning
  • Equal Employment Opportunities

Construction Phase

Project Control: Monitor the work of the trade contractors and coordinate the work with the activities and responsibilities of the Owner, Architect/Engineer and Construction Manager to complete thc project in
accordance with the Owner's objectives of cost, time and quality.

Physical Construction: Provide all supervision, labor, materials, construction equipment, tools and subcontract items which are necessary for the completion of the project which are not provided by either the Trade Contractor or the Owner.

To the extent that the Construction Manager performs any work with his own forces he shall, with respect to such work, be bound to the extent not inconsistent with this agreement, by the procedures and the obligations with respect to such work as may govern the Trade Contractors under any general conditions to the trade contracts.


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